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Public Private Choices

These short stories were developed over a period of more than ten years during a very busy time in my life. They reflect my desire to help people make better choices for a future filled with hope. After ten years I have decided to publish a new edition with some slight edits here and there.

The Barnaby Kids is a kind of youthful frolic in a setting that can be disarming. It was first written in 1989. Training for Control is a light work about a teenager's early evening, written in 1999. Saturday Afternoon is a glimpse into the life of planners and managers of off-world expeditions that I developed as part of an informal presentation I made at a conference hosted by the Space Studies Institute in Princeton, New Jersey in 1999. Calls for Change is a menagerie of related lives in some not too distant future, the target point of the collection. And, Longing to Help is the foreword of a high tech adventure titled AA for Reality, which includes the historical fiction children's story A Precious Service.

I have withheld most of the Prologue to Calls for Change for some possible future release.

I care about all life everywhere, discovered or not, and I have a great respect for all complex organizations of life, human included. I believe any maladaptive behavior is just that, and that it can and should be addressed, where possible, to the benefit of all, even the entity that is behaving poorly.

Reality can be better. I encourage everyone to do their part to make it so.

The Kindle edition is available here.

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