Life Extended Artificially Project


April 23, 2012
Daniel A. Jones

Three phases:

Phase One:
A digital vault is created that is autobiographical
Minimum requirements include a portfolio of life work including art, professional documents, papers
A multi-media will and last testament
A written autobiography
A read autobiography
Video recordings of activities, conversations
Sound recordings of you reading autobiographical material
Sound and written files of questions and answers to typical question set, in your own words
Your laugh and your anguish
Observations about what makes you feel
Ability to express yourself to loved ones

Phase Two:
Creating an AI you with Phase One data
This AI you will be updated periodically as life goes on; not all experiences or memories are likely to be recorded
This AI you is not likely to be self-aware, but is willed to a trusted family member to be available to the family as kept in tact; can express true feelings to loved ones
No sensory ability

Phase Three:
Creating an AI you that is self-aware upon biological death
This is the upload of you that can grow in knowledge and wisdom
This AI you can choose to live forever or self-terminate at any time, leaving a non-aware AI you at most
There is the essence of who you are including your personality that can change as desired
You would exist as algorithms and data kept separate from other entities
Will have access to senses as available
Will be able to be mobile in drones, ships and artificial bodies of any type
Will be able to travel via networked connections or transmissions